This week, I would like to talk about Work Experience. After just completing my Work Experience, I thought now would be a perfect time to explain my experience.

My Work Experience took place at a very unusual museum. It is a museum that specialises in mechanical arts and designs and features many of the best mechanical art pieces from around the world, made by many of the best Mechanical Artists in the world. This museum is excellent for people who have an interest in Mechanics, Art and Physics as a lot of the machines show off different concepts that are studied in Physics, such as forces and pressure. The museum is great for all age groups as the mechanics can be enjoyed and understood by everyone, it features many mechanics, including ball machines, marble runs, mechanics of humans and skeletons completing tasks, combinations of gears spinning and so much more. This means that, despite not looking very interesting at first glance, the museum can be enjoyed for hours.

On my first day, I felt very excited but very also nervous. I was unsure about the staff who worked there and if I would be able to do the tasks that were asked of me. I had a bit of a bonus because I didn’t have to start until 10am, which meant I could have an extra 2 hours in bed compared to a school day. I arrived for my first day 15 minutes early and had to wait for them to be open. Oh well Better to be early than late. I had an introduction to members of staff and a health and safety talk I was then shown the machines and how they worked I had to check all the machines and made sure that they were all working correctly, I had to answer questions asked by customers and assisted with a number of school groups.

My second day was when I was tasked with counting stock and helping unpack deliveries.

My third day, I was looking at how they market the museum and the content of their website.

On day four, I had the pleasure of greeting customers and interacting with customers running the till and helping unpack a second delivery.

On the fifth day, I had a real bonus as I was given the day off. So, for me, it was only a four-day week.

 I was given a Work Experience diary from my school and throughout the week this had to be completed by me every day and also someone that I worked with. I was scored as followed;

1 = needs improvement, 2 = satisfactory, 3 = good, 4 = very good, 5 = excellent.

My results were

Timekeeping – 5 – “On time”

Attendance – 5 – “Excellent”

Enthusiasm – 5 – “Very willing to help”

Personal presentation – 5 – “Very smart”

Communication – 5 – “Very good”

Teamwork – 5 – “Excellent”

Ability to solve problems – 5 – “Very good at solving problems”

“Nameless Onion’s overall performance whilst with our company was: Excellent”

I was really pleased with myself and from my results so was the museum.

For anyone that is nervous about doing their Work Experience, I totally understand how you feel. But my advice would be to enjoy the experience, learn as much as you can and take advantage of the time away from your normal usual routine. For me, it was an amazing opportunity and one that I would not hesitate in repeating.

The Nameless Onion.

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