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‘Welcome to the Family’ and here at Fostering UK we really do consider all our foster carers and children part of our fostering family. Have you ever considered becoming a foster carer in Birmingham?

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With so many fostered children in the care system looking for a safe, caring and loving environment, Fostering is the perfect way to ensure that those  foster children have access to a home where they know they will be cared for and feel safe. We provide on-going support and therapeutic training for all our Foster Carers and we work hard to ensure our matching process is well considered to safeguard the happiness of the carers and the children.

The City of Birmingham is said to be the second largest city within the United Kingdom (UK), with a large population of around 1.145 million people within the limits of the city, which in turn makes the city the biggest. Furthermore, the city in today’s history and even back has been pretty amazing. Back in the year 1889, Birmingham was granted city status, but along this the city was given the name of metropolitan Borough back in 1974.

During the long history of the city of Birmingham, the city was originally a lovely market town in the town of Warwickshire during the years of ancient medieval period. However, the city during this time was having advances within the sciences and technology. However, in Circa 1971, The City of Birmingham was hailed as being the first town in the world for manufacturing. During the 6th century, the city of Birmingham was in fact a small settlement known to people as Thick Forest, which was the home of the then leader known as Brim.

However, the city is known for some excellent centres of education to help teach the next generation and this also includes the large and amazing university with a main population of over 28,000 students, being the University of Birmingham. Furthermore, with this centre having a lot of students, historically it makes it the largest institute outside of London.

Furthermore, the city is also home to some amazing cultural experiences also, such as the Ballet, the orchestra, and even the Theatre but this also includes the Institute for Fine Arts for those who have got a brilliant interest for the creative arts. Culturally, the city of Birmingham is very known for the Arts and Music as famous composers such as Albert William Ketelbey and Andrew Glover were born in the city of Birmingham.

Furthermore, when it comes to the cultural experiences of Art, the city of Birmingham has had a huge role as being the manufacturing and printing centre that supported local traditions of graphic and product design within Birmingham. Furthermore, it is said that Iconic works by designers from Birmingham include the font called Baskerville.

However, more recently, the city of Birmingham has been successful at being the home of the famous sports event celebrated and watched by millions known as the Commonwealth Games. The reason for this is that Birmingham hosted the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Furthermore, the city of Birmingham is about to have a main role within films as it is a shooting location for Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning, but the latest drama ‘ You don’t know me’ is filmed as a main location within Birmingham.

“My partner and I have been foster carers in Northampton for two years but became disillusioned with the previous agency. Fostering UK made the change extremely easy.”

Phil from Northampton

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