UK Fostering & Foster Care Allowance

In the UK, carers receive compensation for their efforts with a fostering allowance.

Fostering allowances for Foster Carers

While the pay for fostering should never be the primary motive for becoming a carer, we understand that financial implications are important for everyone. In the UK, carers receive compensation for their efforts in the form of a fostering allowance, which at Fostering UK will range from £400-700 per week per child, depending on the type of placement.

The allowance is in place to help fund all elements of the child’s care such as food, clothing, and activities. The figure will vary depending on the type of placement you have, as well as the age and personal circumstances of the child. For example, children requiring more skilled support such as those with ASD, disabilities, or special behavioural needs will receive a higher allowance. Foster carers are also self-employed, resulting in supportive tax exemptions in many cases.

Foster carers are treated as professionals, and the allowance is there to aid your efforts and help you provide a child with everything they need. 

Couple check their fostering finances on a laptop

” The money side of things is, of course, completely necessary, but once that was sorted we were able to concentrate on the children. The payments have been on time and regular without exception.”

Caroline from Potters Bar

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