Our Ethos – Quality Support & Advice

We strive for quality through every aspect of our service with high quality training, support and advice

We strive for quality through every aspect of our service

With so much talk of regulations, assessments, and allowances; it’s easy to feel lost in the world of information surrounding foster care.

At Fostering UK our aim is simple; we want our foster carers and foster children to be as happy as possible. That’s why we focus on providing the highest quality therapeutic training for all our carers, and ensure a solid matching process and close relationships between all members of our community. 

Special needs foster carer

” Fostering UK are 100% true to their word. They have helped us enormously since we’ve been caring for Joanne.”

Kathy from Watford

High quality training, support and advice

Happy girl with Fostering UK

Therapeutic Training

One of our main focuses is ensuring all our social workers and foster carers are trained in therapeutic foster care. This involves learning to deal with children who have undergone trauma in the past, and how to deal with more complex and significant emotional and physical challenges they may face.

Happy foster child on bike

Minimal Placement Breakdown

One of the biggest issues facing foster care agencies today is placement breakdown: when a child is badly matched and placed in the care of unsuitable foster carers, and they need to be prematurely removed. This can be really difficult process for both the foster carers and child involved, so we make finding the right match an absolute priority.

Foster children happy and shouting

Getting Back To Basics

At Fostering UK we strongly believe our agency should feel like a family. Our team works closely with all of our foster carers, regularly ensuring processes are running smoothly and everyone is getting the support they require. All of our fostered children receive a personalised handmade quilt and memory boxes when they are placed with our foster carers. We promote nurturing and therapeutic care from the first day they are placed with our foster carers.

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