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With so many fostered children in the care system looking for a safe, caring and loving environment, Fostering is the perfect way to ensure that those  foster children have access to a home where they know they will be cared for and feel safe. We provide on-going support and therapeutic training for all our Foster Carers and we work hard to ensure our matching process is well considered to safeguard the happiness of the carers and the children.

The county of Worcestershire is located in the west midlands of England… As of the year of 2019, the population of Worcestershire was just under 600,000 people. Geographically, Worcestershire borders Herefordshire and Shropshire. The town and only city within Worcestershire is Worcester, along with the only major settlements which are known as Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, and Redditch. However, it is known that the Village of Hurtleberry housed the Worcester Bishop from the early 13th Century through to 2007.

However, throughout the Middle Ages, a lot of the economy was in fact based on the idea of trading wool and the areas of dense forests like many such as Feckenham forest. Furthermore, during the time of the black death, it is said that this infection arrived in Worcestershire during 1348, but during the outbreaks in 1369 and another in 1375, the infection reduced the people’s population of Worcestershire by a third.

However, it is said that our famous annual event known as Bonfire Night comes from the event known as the Gunpowder Plot. It is said that many of the plotters in fact came from Worcestershire. In the form of sports, the largest and most successful football association and club within the country is known as Kidderminster Harrieers, which was initially founded back in 1877, as a running club but also doubled as being a rugby club back in 1880.

Educationally, Worcestershire has been home to the University of Worcester, which in society is a public research university that was formed and established back in 1948 with gaining their university status in the year of 2005. Statistically Worcester University has got a student population of just over 10,000 students. Along with the university of Worcester, Worcestershire, has a comprehensive school system, that covers over thirty-five different schools throughout the county. However, some of the schools in the county educate students at sixth form level and some colleges provide GCSE and A-Level courses and education for adults.

Worcestershire has got a long history in form of radio broadcasting, as BBC Hereford and Worcester which was formally known as Wyvern broadcasts on analogue and digital platforms in both Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Worcestershire is home to many attractions and Interests such as the Museum of Historic Buildings, Elgar Birthplace Museum, The Hive which is the new University and library for the public which was established and opened in 2012. For many of those who live outside of Worcestershire, we know of the county by the famous Worcestershire Sauce made by the company Lea and Perrins.


“My partner and I have been foster carers in Northampton for two years but became disillusioned with the previous agency. Fostering UK made the change extremely easy.”

Phil from Northampton

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