Keeping records is vital for the progress of you and your foster child

Keeping official records is part of your role as a foster carer. At Fostering UK you will be introduced to an online data system  we use called CHARMS, and will be required to regularly submit details about your placement, updating us on how things are progressing.

It’s also important to keep records on how things are going and notable events from an official point of view, as there are times in which foster carers may be asked to recall situations that have taken place through the placement for legal reasons.

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“Gavin is the main foster carer and he records on a daily basis. The records we keep are offcial documents and something the child may want to read when she is an adult.”

Taylor from Bedford

We provide comprehensive advice to make things easy for you

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Online record keeping

We will introduce you to a straightforward online system, which you’ll use to submit your daily recordings. It’s all easy to use and a really efficient, secure and paperless way of keeping records.

“We have been fostering for about 13 years and in that time have fostered for a local authority and two other independant fostering agencies. I can honestly say, Fostering UK provides the best paperless and secure system we have used, which saves a huge amount of time and worry, when recording the childrens information”

William and Maggie

Foster carers for 13 years

Keeping records by hand

Important for the children

When children in the care system grow into adulthood, they may wish to read about their experiences in childhood from the perspective of their foster carer(s). That’s why it’s important for all carers to report in a way which well encapsulates the life of their foster child, while also including the important facts. 

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“I’ve been able to do things that weren’t possible for me before and that’s all thanks to my new foster carers. I hope I can stay.”

Ben (14) from Peterborough

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