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‘Welcome to the Family’ and here at Fostering UK we really do consider all our foster carers and children part of our fostering family. Have you ever considered becoming a foster carer in Herefordshire?

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With so many fostered children in the care system looking for a safe, caring and loving environment, Fostering is the perfect way to ensure that those  foster children have access to a home where they know they will be cared for and feel safe. We provide on-going support and therapeutic training for all our Foster Carers and we work hard to ensure our matching process is well considered to safeguard the happiness of the carers and the children.

Hereford being the town of Herefordshire has a motto that is known to people as being ‘Pulchra Terra Dei Donum’ which translates as saying this fair land is the gift of God’. In the year of 1998 on the first of April, the city was established and had a large population of 192,107 people as of the year of 2019. Throughout history, the county of Herefordshire has had a long and interesting history stretching back and being mentioned in texts such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle of 1051. However, the county known as Herefordshire to the locals is very famous for growing of their apples and pear orchards. Along this, the county is also very famous for the making and producing of its cider.

The Name Hereford pronounced Here-ford, comes from what is known as old English for Army Crossing, which is known as being the location of a settlement located on the river wye.  Throughout history, the county of Herefordshire has been known as being a rich county for agricultural use, but it was said to be slow in the adoption of industrial development and manufacturing. In the year 1845, the railway finally reached Hereford, but it was unfortunately closed in 1880. Furthermore, historically in the year of 1889, the county council was officially created by merging together with Worcestershire to be able to form Hereford and Worchester in the year 1974. However, historically on the 28th of February 1946, the county of Herefordshire was officially granted a coat of arms, but this was transferred by order of the county council in 1997.

Furthermore, Herefordshire is known to be the home to Herefordshire FA which to the locals is known as the Herefordshire Football Association for those who live there and that are passionate and energetic about their active sports and football. However, for those who enjoy the arts, Herefordshire is home to the delightful Hereford College of the Arts, which is said to be the only specialist college within the region that is dedicated to the Arts.

Dedicated to education, the county of Herefordshire is home to a comprehensive educational system, that consists to this day of having several independent schools, along with colleges of further and higher education which includes the Hereford College of Education, The Hereford and Ludlow College and even the Royal National College for the Blind.

Famously, Herefordshire is known and famous for being the main location for the BBC (British Broadcasting Centre) Children’s Television Series Merlin back in and between 2008 and 2012 and is known for the 2006 TV movie ‘Dracula’.

“My partner and I have been foster carers in Northampton for two years but became disillusioned with the previous agency. Fostering UK made the change extremely easy.”

Phil from Northampton

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