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With so many fostered children in the care system looking for a safe, caring and loving environment, Fostering is the perfect way to ensure that those  foster children have access to a home where they know they will be cared for and feel safe. We provide on-going support and therapeutic training for all our Foster Carers and we work hard to ensure our matching process is well considered to safeguard the happiness of the carers and the children.

Solihull is known as a market town and is part of the wider population to the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull within the west midlands. The latest figures of the population of the town from 2021, is said to be 126,577 people that is situated on the wonderful river Blythe within the forest of Arden. However, further afield, the wider known population is known to be 216,240. The closest city to Solihull is the City of London being a journey of 110 miles away.

Historically, the town has got some amazing history with roots stretching all the way back to the first century, but formally the town was established during the medieval period of history. However, today the town is famed as being the birthplace of the famous land rover and being the home of the British Eventing Team. However, during the medieval Anglo-Saxon era, the forest of Arden known as being part of the kingdom of Mercia was known as being a settlement which by the locals of Solihull was known as the Manor of Ulverlei, which later throughout history became known as the old town.

During the late 1930s, two farms within Solihull were sold and brought for the construction of what is known as a shadow factory which helped prepare for the incoming second world war. These factories were to be located in different rural areas to help prevent an enemy bombing that was incoming during the war. After the war, these factories become home to be what we now know as the Land Rover Company Car.

However, despite the cities that are around the town of Solihull, to this day the town still maintains its unique identity and more importantly, remains to be to this day largely surrounded by the countryside. Furthermore, the town of Solihull is home to a sixth-form college outside of the town centre known as Solihull sixth-form college. The town is also home to the Solihull School which back in 2010 celebrated its 450th Anniversary.

Solihull is also home to its oldest cheese-making business within England, along with being home to its creativity such as the core Theatre, which is known to be part of the Solihull Arts Complex. It is also home to the World Resorts Area, which is known to be an indoor area that houses a capacity of 15,685 people and was opened back in 1980 but also has housed world-known acts such as Adele and Lady Gaga.

Along this, Solihull is also known to being home to the National Motorcycle Museum, which was founded and opened in 1984. Since then, it has been connected to the British Motorcycle Charitable Trust and has been known as being the largest collection of Motorcycles in the world.

“My partner and I have been foster carers in Northampton for two years but became disillusioned with the previous agency. Fostering UK made the change extremely easy.”

Phil from Northampton

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