Why Foster A Child?

Making the decision to foster a child is a huge commitment, but one which can be deeply rewarding.

A life-changing, rewarding experience for you and the child

Making the decision to foster a child is a huge commitment, but one which can be deeply rewarding. Foster carers take on the responsibility of looking after a child who has been separated from their birth parents or family, often due to being exposed to some form of abuse, neglect, bereavement or loss. As a result, children in the care system are particularly vulnerable. 

It’s up to the foster carer to make their foster child feel safe and secure and help them develop and learn in a safe environment. In doing so you are helping some of the most disadvantaged children reach their potential. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and if you have a big heart, like children and have a spare room, you are probably eligible to be considered as a foster carer.

Foster carer answering her 'why fostering?' question
A national shortage

The fostering community in the UK is huge, with around 68,793* children currently living in a foster family. However, there is still a major shortage. Thousands more foster families are needed to fill the gap, and you might be able to help! 

* The Fostering Network – 2019

Give back to your local area

There are children and young people in the care system all around the UK. Regardless of where you live, choosing to foster is a fantastic way to give back to your area, and provide a home for a disadvantaged child.

What support will I receive?

At Fostering UK one of our main priorities is ensuring all of our carers and foster children receive the very best support. See our fostering support page for more info, and our fostering allowances page for the financial support you will receive.

Providing a safe environment for a child who needs it

When a child has come from turbulent conditions at home in the past, it’s vital to create the right environment in their new home. As a foster carer, you are responsible for providing the warmth, security, and stability a young person needs to learn and develop. 

Our whole team is dedicated to the wellbeing of our foster children, and it’s a collective effort to help them feel supported and cared for as much as possible.

Foster carer and child
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