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If you think you’re ready for a change, that’s great. Wanting to change fostering agency is not uncommon and not something that foster carers should hesitate to consider, especially if you’re unhappy with what you’re current agency provide or not. Fostering UK are flexible and professional in their packages with regards to transferring foster carers.The process for moving will slightly vary depending on whether or not you currently have a child placed with you. Either way, the steps you need to take are straightforward, and we’re here to help you throughout. 

Transfer process completed with happy child and foster carer

” I have been much happier since moving to Fostering UK. This has had a very positive impact on the children too.”

Ghita from Bedford

Moving can be as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Once you have contacted us and decided you’d like to move, the first official step involves letting your current agency know that you’d like to resign and move elsewhere. This step is not something you should worry about. Carers have every right to change agencies if they wish, and it’s often the right move if you think you’ll be better suited at a different agency.  

Foster child showing first step to foster care

Step 2

This step is only necessary for foster carers who currently have a child placed with them. Here a meeting is arranged with with you, your current agency, the child’s social worker, and our agency to coordinate and confirm that the agency transfer can go ahead without overly disrupting your current placement. The wellbeing of your foster child is the priority. 

Foster child showing second step to foster care

Step 3

The final step involves being reassessed so that you are officially approved to foster with our agency. If you have fostered before then this should be a smooth process, and nothing to worry about. After approval and recommendation from a panel, you are officially part of Fostering UK and ready to work with us to help improves a child’s life.

Foster child showing third step to foster care

If you would like an informal chat about your transfer to Fostering UK, call in complete confidence on:

0333 044 8890

Or send us a message 

 “It was really stressful with our last agency as we felt unsupported and that they did not listen. They did not invest in us as foster carers , so it was a breath of fresh air moving to Fostering UK.”

Elwyn from Enfield

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