There are constantly children entering care across the UK, meaning the need for foster carers is consistently growing. It may be difficult to understand why so many children enter care, however it is important to acknowledge the reasons to understand how you can help.

As of March 2021, there were 55,000 children in care, and with the number increasing everyday this highlights the huge demand for carers across the UK who can provide a loving home for the children. Here you can provide them an environment in which they can thrive, feeling comfortable and safe.

Why are Children placed in Care?

The primary reason for a child being admitted to care is to ensure that they are safe within a stable environment, a situation they were not already in. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the child’s home life there are different types of placements for them. The time scale can vary from days, weeks, months or even years, however, the best interest of the child always takes priority.

Over 60% of children placed in care are there due to sexual, physical or emotional abuse and neglect within their previous household. This underlines the important role that fostering has in ensuring their safety and security. Other reasons can include family illness, bereavements or a refugee status from a war-stricken country, such as in Ukraine.  All of these reasons have an extremely traumatic impact on a child’s life and the distressing situations they have been in can be sometimes be reflected within the behaviour and personality as their outlook on life is damaged. Therefore, these children are some of the most vulnerable people within society and must be protected, requiring patience and constant support to make them feel comfortable. As a foster carer you have the ability to create new, happier memories and set new expectations. Through a stable family environment they will gain a sense of security and belonging.

Short-Term and Long-Term Fostering Placement

Fostering is temporary, meaning the child’s legal rights are in the hands of the local authority. The placements may be short-term or long-term with the child remaining in foster care until they are 18. Short-term foster placements are usually around a few weeks or months while the authority assesses the parents of the child, or find a long-term alternative placement. A long-term fostering placement means the child will be in care up until they are 18 and will not return to their family.

Why we need Foster Carers

The extremely high number of children in care means the need for carers is more serious than ever. All these children deserve the right to happiness and safety and should be surrounded by those who love them. It is from no fault of their own that they have needed up in the sad situation they are in, and it is up to us to make it as comfortable a process as possible. At Fostering UK we need carers who are ready to make the commitment to help these children, demonstrating empathy and kindness to ensure that they feel loved and safe.

Contact Fostering UK to help today

At Fostering UK we deal in the highest standards of therapeutic support and training, with our number one priority being the happiness of our children and foster carers. We are in need of foster carers in Oxfordshire, so if you think you could help or just want more information, please visit our website or call us on 0333 044 6848.

If you would prefer to contact us over message, you can visit our Facebook page or use the online form in our websites contact page to get in contact with a member of our staff.

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