In this blog, I am going to talk about what it is like from my point of view to be able to use my skills as a creative person to represent what it is like to be in foster care. This is my own experience and knowledge within this blog, and everything is my own views and opinions.

As someone who has been in the foster care system, i have got to say that being able to represent my own experience of what it was like through my creative work is something that i feel everyone should be able to do. Being able to talk about such a think within blogs and reports is a great thing for those who are academic, and those who are professional report publishers, but to be able to represent and portray what it is like to be in the system, through say photography or film or even art, is a great thing because there is a new representation and everything done is taken from a unique point of view and not seen before.

During my time in college, i was suffering really bad with depression and anxiety, so i decided to take up the art of photography to use my emotions and thoughts and portray this in a form that is therapeutic but also something that can be used and seem over and over agan, which gave me the idea of documenting my life of twenty four hours in foster care to showcase what life can be like for a typical person in the system.

However, as everyone has got different experiences, it is nice to showcase my own as it gives a unique and personal view and sense to what it is like, because the reports and writing is great to have, but it does not give someone a visual representation of what life can be like for someone for both the good and the bad as for many young people, many good and bad things can happen in the fostering system that many people find hard to talk about, when being asked to talk about it or even write about it.

The art of photography or even any sort of creative art, is personally something unique to the artist and even the camera person, because only you are the one that knows what you are trying to represent, and others can only see once the work is done… This for me is why documenting and showcasing experiences through a form of art is what makes the representation better then just writing, as it can open the eyes of the viewer to what happens and what you are trying to say without struggling to read in a report.

However, what I find interesting in many local authorities and in charities and non profit organisations now, is that many people want to hear the views and experiences of children in care in many different ways, such as Coram Voice does this through their new belongings project, a charity called ‘ What Works For Children’s Social Care’ does it through a Young Advisors Group, and many local authorities do it through there children in care and care leaver councils, so that everyone can have a unique and personal opinion and representation of their experiences.

For me, as a care leaver, i feel that this is amazing as it gives us a way to talk about the issues that we feel are going on and what needs to be fixed in an environment that is non judgemental, and with people who are going through something similar as you.

So, for many young care experienced people out their who may be reading this blog, a message for you. Try and get in touch with your local authority and see how you can get your voices heard, because being able to talk about your experiences and knowledge can help showcase what needs to be fixed and what needs to be changed, otherwise nothing ever will. However this does not need to be the only way to do this, you can show your local authority your issues and experiences through Art, writing or even just an email.

It is unique to you, but to be able to say how you feel is a great way to show people what needs to be changed and what needs to be fixed.

By Anonymous Care Experienced Blogger.

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