In ancient steppes where winds did blow,

A partnership sparked, a kinship to grow.

From wild to tamed, a journey begun,

Horses and humans, beneath the sun.

Hooves echoed on the Silk Road’s trail,

A dance of cultures, a trade wind’s sail.

Carrying dreams, and goods untold,

Horses and history, intertwined, bold.

On battlefields, where the drums did beat,

Horses galloped, with warriors’ fleet.

In fields of green and furrowed earth, Horses toiled with humble mirth.

Ploughing dreams and sowing hope,

In labour’s rhythm, a timeless scope.

In arenas where spirits dance, Equestrian arts find their chance.

Dressage’s grace, a ballet of might,

Racing hearts in the soft moonlight.

On trails that wind through nature’s maze, Riders find their peaceful daze.

Recreational bliss, a freedom ride,

Human and horse, side by side.

Symbolic creatures, both wild and free,

In art and myth, for all to see.

A symbol of freedom, strength, and grace,

Horses stand as timeless embrace.

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