Everyone has that one teacher that is their absolute favorite. Some are young, some are old. Some are good, some are bad. Some have control of their students, some don’t. Some are strict, some are relaxed. Some are funny, some are not. But the question I’ve been thinking about is, ‘What makes a good teacher?’ Is it those that inspire you? Is it those who can make you smile? Could it even be the ones that help you to become better at a subject you’re struggling in? I’ve been sitting here, thinking about some of my past and present teachers and thinking ‘Is this teacher a teacher that I believe is good?’

The first teacher that comes to mind is my Year 2 teacher. Looking back on it, it cannot have been easy to deal with 25 seven-year-olds, who all need their own sort of attention. She was a great all-rounder and seemed to really understand what we all needed individually.

Moving forward 2 years, I remember that my Year 4 teacher was overly strict for a teacher that taught 9-year-olds. She was also a teacher that treated everyone the same, regardless of everyone’s unique needs. At the end of it, I didn’t learn nearly as much as I should have.

My final years at Primary School were the best as I was lucky enough to have a wonderful teacher in Year 5 who made every day an enjoyable and educational experience. She was an inspiration to every student that was lucky enough to have her as a teacher. My teacher in Year 6 was also the deputy head of the school he was a very kind, intelligent, organised and helpful teacher who was willing to push students to the best of their abilities.

Jumping into Secondary School, I knew it would be a completely different experience to Primary School and this made me feel nervous and scared, but also excited for the new learning opportunities that I would get and the challenges that I would face ahead.

When I think back to it, I understand just how lucky I was to have Mrs. H as my form tutor not only once, but twice. She truly understood how we all were feeling and did her best to help us settle into the school, which in itself is a great skill to have.

As you’re aware, when you reach Secondary School, you have different teachers for each subject and overall, I think that I have been very lucky with the teachers I have had.

All of my history teachers, Miss M, Mrs. E and Mr. C, have been great teachers to have as they are knowledgeable, inspiring and helpful as they can bring the subject to life.

I don’t take Spanish anymore. Next subject.

Both of my Geography teachers, Miss C and Mr. L, recently took my year on a field trip and really helped me understand the reason we were there. They are also knowledgeable and helpful.

However, of every teacher past or present, there is one teacher who stands miles above the rest. This teacher is Mr. B. Mr. B is one of the nicest people I have ever met and will go out of his way to help, advise, support, teach and engage every student. He is a credit to the teaching profession and I was sad when he stopped being my Head of Year. Every school needs a Mr. B.

Something that I like to think about sometimes is that, biology was a subject that I knew nothing about before Secondary School, and has been taught to me so well that it has inspired me to work in the field in the future.

Last but not least, to every good teacher out there, thank you for all your time, hard work and dedication to making sure that your students  get a great education. And Miss E, if you’re reading this, thanks for giving me the confidence and teaching me the skills to be able to write this blog.

The Nameless Onion

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