With the summer holidays upon us, the current economic climate and industrial action across Europe mean that many families are having to choose between a ‘staycation’ and a ‘vacation’.

Most families across the UK are facing a struggle to meet daily living costs, things such as food bills, the cost of fuel and mortgage/rent costs. So, whilst family holidays have, over the years, become the norm, other things have had to take priority. But what is a staycation?

A staycation is a holiday that you spend in your own home or country relaxing and enjoying family time and activities.

So, what might you do on a staycation? Here are some ideas:

  • Camp out in your back garden. If the weather permits, pitch a tent in your backyard and enjoy the miniature camping experience.
  • Go on a hike in the countryside (with a picnic). Explore the beautiful countryside and everything it has to offer, rewarding yourself with a nice picnic en route.
  • Play family board games. Choose a few of your favourite board games and see who wins the most games.
  • Go on a day trip. Plan a trip to a nearby attraction and explore the wonders your local region has to offer.
  • Create your own backyard water park. Turn your backyard into the ultimate accessible water park with an inflatable pool and water games.
  • Have a movie day (don’t forget movie snacks!). Complete a movie marathon with the family.
  • Go bowling. Go to your local bowling alley and see who can hit the most strikes!
  • Visit a local park and try crazy golf. Visit a nearby park and take part in a game of crazy golf.
  • Visit museums and local places of interests. Visit a nearby museum and uncover the history that has shaped your local area
  • Have a ‘read-a-thon’. Each read as many books as you can and then quiz one another on each of them.
  • Go to the nearest zoo or wildlife park. Visit a nearby zoo or wildlife park, see the animals and how they live their daily lives first hand.
  • Remember to change your routine. Make sure your routine differs from your usual routine. For example, waking up later.
  • If your neighbours or family friends are having a staycation, why not team up with them and spend time at each other’s homes and in each other’s gardens.

Turn your home into a staycation haven, so it looks different for everyone. Here are a few things to help you become inspired:

  • Do not turn on the news or TV (after the last few months, we could all use a break from the news).
  • Put snacks and drinks out in visible places, like you might typically see in a hotel room.
  • Live outside as much as you can (Young people, do NOT use your phones!).
  • Remember to make a budget. Even if you go to eat out, that must be included in the budget. Make sure you have a plan – ensure you check prices before you go out.

If your budget allows, you could always have a night or two at a place of interest to your family. You could also try glamping or sleeping in a yurt. Glamping is a type of camping that uses tents that allow for more comfortable facilities and accommodation when compared to a usual camping tent. A yurt, or ger, is a portable, round tent that is covered and insulated with skins and/or felts.

And remember, relax – the most important thing is to have fun!

The Nameless Onion

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