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This morning I awoke to the thought that I had had a fabulous life – with a childhood that all children deserve but sadly don’t access. I can only hope that the confidence and resilience that this has enabled me to have can now be used as a protective factor for the damaged children that come to us for foster care.

I came into fostering because I was aware of the violence and abuse that so many children experience and I wanted to be able to help them on their journey to repair .

I had not imagined that we would find ourselves in the thick of such gruelling accounts in such a short space of time. I decided that the best course if action would be to ring our Supervising Social Worker first thing on Monday morning for a bit of an offload about how this actually feels when you are in the thick of it – with such a traumatised young person living in your home.

We want to support him 100% – but I am rapidly realising that this is like no other “job” I have ever done ! It is 24/7 and there isn’t even a drive home from work to unwind. We had given this considerable thought before we embarked on fostering as a life choice – but actually living it feels  very different now that we are really in the thick of it !

Jayne Robbins (alias) A B logging Foster Carer.

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