Hello everyone, I am back after completing my GCSE’s, phew, that was a long five weeks. My return blog is about people in the lives of foster children.

 Families can be made up of all different units, two mums, two dads, step parents, step brothers and sisters, and people who you may not be blood related to, as a foster child life can sometimes be confusing, most children have not been taken away from their birth families or at least have one blood related family member at home with them and they know who their people are, mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles. But do foster child know who are their people are? Is it our foster families, our birth families, social workers, judges, or guardians these are just some people who are involved in the lives of foster children, and it is easy to get confused and have split loyalties.

I am a long-term foster child and 10 years into my very happy and settled family. I enjoy seeing my birth mum and sisters each month for a few hours, but could I live with them again? I do not think so and that is not because I do not love them, I do, but my life is very different to theirs. I believe that blood does not make you family, blood makes you related, loyalty, love, caring, trust, helping and being there for each other makes a family and with this in mind I know who my people are.

At my very first hockey match before the game started I looked around and I thought it wasn’t about the first game that I played the made it memorable it was the people watching and I don’t mean random people in the crowd I mean my people, my foster family so that is who my people are, the day they fostered me was the day I got my p eople, the people who nag me to do my homework and clean my room, the people who are always there for me, the people whose hearts are in the right place, the people who never give up on me no matter what, the people who help me overcome my fears, the people who help me with my autism, the people who listen to me, The people who love me.  So maybe this was meant to be but there is one thing I am sure about the day theses people fostered me was the day these people became my people.

I know not every foster child’s journey is as successful as mine, I know I am lucky to be surrounded by my people, but all you foster children out there it is not the foster families fault you are in care, it may not even be your birth families fault, it just maybe circumstances. Make life easy on yourself bond with your foster family, enjoy being part of a family, after all they are part of your life, they are your people.

The Nameless Onion.

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