Cycling has never been more popular, why is that? So many people have bikes but the question is do you ride it or keep it in the shed?

During the first COVID lockdown we were allowed to take daily exercise and since then Everyman and his dog (not literally) seems to ride a bike, from sleek framed racing bikes to a range of mountain bikes and even the odd sit-up-and-beg and tandem bikes.

More new cycling clubs are being set up than ever before, more people are cycling to work, school and more families are taking leisurely weekend rides and it’s common to see three or four bikes strapped onto the back of a car or in a bike rack on top of their car, which never look secure.

Quite frankly I’m sure bike sales have never been higher than now.

So I decided to join in on the action.

Why not come and join me on one of my regular bike rides?

It’s a beautiful warm spring day with a slight breeze, I put on my helmet and off I go, turning left out of the gate onto a country lane. The first thing I pass are the spring lambs jumping and frolicking in the field. I look to my right and the horses are relaxed and munching away at the spring grass. Above me are two red kites gracefully flying in a circular motion on the hunt for their next prey. The next thing I see is a large old building which I believe used to be a school many years ago and a row of pretty cottages that used to house the farm workers from years gone past. As I come out of the village. I approach a sharp bend I have to slow down as it’s a loose surface (don’t want to scrape or get pebbles in my knees). I’m now in the open countryside where I can pick up some speed before slowing down as I approach the gates of the old Manor House. I have to make a quick decision. Do I go straight on or do I turn right to go off-road? Off-road it is, more fun that way. As I turn it’s a bit tricky as if I go too fast, I will end up in the lake, I don’t fancy a swim today (especially not in that yucky water). I’m on a narrow track circling the lake. On the lake there are swans with their babies, ducks & geese galore, a heron, and a variety of fish hiding, not only from the heron but also from the sun under the lily pads and reeds. As I cross the lake over a wooden bridge, I approach the beautiful 18th Century village church and re-join the lane. Locals call this Top Road I guess because it’s at the top of the village. There are woods and fields either side of me. This is going to be the most exhilarating part of my ride as I begin my descent down what again is locally known as Slippy Lane (guess why) not only is it steep but there is a gate and river at the bottom, here goes, oops had to swerve to miss the horse poo as I change into top gear. I’m moving faster than the inflation rate (or the plummet of the British Pound, whichever you think fits best here) … and hey-ho I’m back in the village as I remove my helmet it is then I discovered … it was on back to front.

“Remember life is like riding a bike to stay balanced you must keep moving. “

Happy cycling.

The Nameless Onion.

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