In this blog, I am going to be talking about the issues of increased drug activity within the country, but most importantly how this effects young people who are care experienced. As many of us are young and still growing up, the increase of drug activity including dealing and supplying is on the rise and many young people including care experienced people can and have been sucked into the effects of dealing and supplying.

As a lot of us know, the issues of drugs and other substances have been going on the increase for many years and many young people have been caught in the middle of this either for buying and using these substances and getting extremely ill due to what is being sold, but also due to the fact that many suppliers are using children and young people as dealers so that they can get rid of such substances quicker and that the young person can earn extra money as well.

However, young people such as care experienced people can get dragged into this also as we are a highly vulnerable group of people, who sometimes can slip through the net and do good things, which also makes us more vulnerable to get caught up in issues such as drugs and other sort of criminal actions.

In my opinion and from my own experience with having issues with substances, when being addicted or even drawn into the world of substances, it can become a sticky and unpredictable line of events, especially when having issues of using said substances. from my own experience as being a care experienced person, using substances and even buying substances from people can make you feel great as all you want at the end of the day is to get a high, but the reality of it is that when I was getting my own high, I was also funding someone to make more substances to put more people at harm’s way.

The increase of drug activity in today’s world is dramatically out of control and needs to be put at a holt, but from a care experienced person’s point of view, using and being drawn into the idea of using and selling substances does a lot more harm than good, and from my own time with substances, when coming to the reality of what my money was doing when buying the substances, made me feel completely and utterly upset and mad, because I never wanted anyone to be in danger, as most importantly I know what it is like to be addicted and in danger when it comes to using them.

However, being in the fostering system and being a care leaver, leaves many of us susceptible to turning to substances as showcased in my own experiences, but from what I have witnessed with friends who have also been in the fostering system and becoming care leavers, the reality of turning to substances and drugs along with the idea of supplying them goes really high as a lot of care leavers want to earn a bit more money so that they can cope living on their own, as being on universal credit or even having a job does not really leave you with a lot of money by the time you have paid all your bills.

So, a message to all care experienced people who might be tempted to use or sell substances…. Just don’t. The idea of doing this might sound great at first because you can get some extra funds to help you with your own rent and help you live your life, but while you are having a good life, someone else could be getting hurt. There are many other ways of having a better life without using or being around substances, so from one care leaver to another, if you ever feel this way, I can promise it will get better but being around this stuff will only lead to bad stuff.

By Anonymous Care Experienced Blogger.

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