In this blog, I will be talking about how the modern wireless networks impact us in our everyday lives, but more importantly how this links to the lives of care experienced people.

In today’s society, we are exposed to more and more types of wireless networks than ever before, from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to more of us having mobile phones and tablets from a young age…. The truth is that our lives as young people in today’s generation can be seen to be controlled by what is being said on the wireless and social networks… but how does this impact and influence us in our every day to day lives.

Data from the Wireless Report 2021 conducted by Ditch the Label, has said that ‘42% of people aged 12-18 are constantly on social media throughout their every day to day lives (Ditch the Label , 2021), but ‘ 31% of people aged 12-18 have said that they spend more time on social media then they would like to (Ditch the Label , 2021). In the respect of someone who has been in the care system and now is a former care leaver from my local authority, I can honestly say from my personal experience, I was always on social media when I was in foster care.

For me, being on social media while being in foster care was a way for me to stay in contact with my friends and make sure that I still had those connections from my previous life, because when going into care for a lot of us, we sometimes cannot be so lucky to stay in the same area as we once lived in, so due to this we can lose connections with our loved ones and even our closest friends.

So, what influence does this have on our lives… answer, it can have both a negative and positive influence on our lives both for the good and for the bad. As we all know social media can influence young people’s lives for the worse because of what they are subjected to by others’ attitudes and responses to what is happening in society and throughout the world, which both can be heartfelt and negative, but it is also shown to have a positive effect on our lives because it keeps us in contact with our loved ones even when we are far away from them, whether we are working abroad, at university studying to get a better life for ourselves or even just to keep in contact with our loved ones because we have been placed into a foster placement that is miles away from our neighbourhood and losing contact with friends and family members.

In my opinion for each and every single negative that someone can give for us being addicted and influenced by social media and online wireless networks, I can give multiple good and positive impacts that this can have, because we live in a network society where lots of us use social media for different types of reasons, but what we need to understand is that even when we are having positive moments with the networks, we can still be at danger, so for everyone, I would like to give a message.

Always remember to keep safe online, because even when we feel safe and feel that we are being treated well online, and having everything that we ever want… we can still be at risk of being hurt.


By Anonymous Care Experienced Blogger

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