Throughout my life so far, it has taken me a long time to find somewhere I belonged… it was not with my parents, or with my friends, or with my partners that I was in relationships with during my life…. it was when I was first started entering a studio. From this moment I knew this is where I belonged as it allowed me to use my talent as a creative to showcase and present work that has thought and meaning to it.

However, this Is not the only reason that I was able to find where I belonged, it was down to the fact of my social workers and foster carer, pushing me and giving me the confidence to enjoy myself and find things that I was good at that made me find out that I belonged in a studio.

Being able to find something that I was good at and something that I felt I was able to have a career at, was very encouraging as before all this happened, all I felt was loneliness and upset because I felt that I was not good at anything and that I was a failure at everything that I tried, but when seeing and knowing that there was something that I could do, and something that a lot of people around me felt that I was actually good at… it boosted my courage and allowed me to see that I actually did have a future without any concern or issues that would make me feel upset or have a negative effect on my mental health.

But this was not without its struggles, because even when I found what I wanted to do with my life, I did still struggle and failed a lot of the time, because this is what happens with a lot of people, but when I knew what I wanted to do, the failure did not matter, it just pushed me to want to be better and stronger and what I wanted to achieve.

The struggle that I had was sometimes unbearable as all I wanted to do was give up all the time, but the passion that I had and the support network around me encouraging me and pushing me to be better, gave me the strength to become the person I am now, as without this encouragement, I do feel that I would of given up a long time ago, because the amount of negative emotions that I had in my head and running through my system was unbearable.

But without the support and kindness of my foster carer, I do not believe for one moment that I would be able to be where I am now, as they started giving me the confidence to push myself to enjoy everything that I did, but also to find my career path that I wanted to be on.

So, a message and note for care experienced people out there who might be reading this blog…. many of us believe that being in foster care, can be the end of anything that we want to do, because of the negative impact and stigma that people have against people who are in care. For many of us, we see this a lot within the education system, at schools and colleges when people find out that someone is in the system, but this is not always the case. Being In care can be hard and feel that you will never be able to have a better life but take it from someone who has gone through a similar situation as you might be now …… Things do get easier.

Being in foster care can give you a better life and help shape the future that you want to have, because the experiences you have while being in the system are personal to you and no one can take these away from you, just like mine has for me, they can help you be a stronger person for the career that you want.

By Anonymous Care Experienced Blogger.

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