I never realised how important happiness at work was until I became a foster carer. Although I would not really class my role as a foster carer as ‘work’, because it is so much more than that. Many of my friends talk about how finding satisfaction and happiness in their working life is a fine balance, however, as a foster carer for Fostering UK, I can honestly say that I have got the balance right. The happiness I feel on a daily basis as a foster carer is immense and there is nothing more rewarding than knowing you have made a difference in a child’s life. 

Who can foster?

Anyone can foster as long as they have the time, space, love and most importantly the ability to support a child through both the good and the bad times. Foster carers like me come in all shapes and sizes, we are not superhuman and we are certainly not superheroes, we are just ordinary people opening our hearts to children in need of love. You can learn more about who can foster on the Fostering UK website. 

Support is important

As a foster carer, I really rely on the support I get from Fostering UK. In the first weeks of my new placement, they came to see me every week at my home in Oxfordshire and my social worker spent so much time supporting me with the care of my young person. I was so pleased that I could attend the Therapeutic Parenting course that Fostering UK offers to all of their carers too. It is an amazing course and really does help us to understand how to approach the challenges that come with foster children who are traumatised. 

Welcome to the happiness family

I researched fostering so much before I came to Fostering UK. When choosing an independent fostering agency, the most important thing was that I felt like part of the team and that the team around me believed in the same things that I do. Fostering UK has a unique ethos, everything they believe in is child-focused and children are placed at the heart of everything they do. For me, this was music to my ears as I want to help children have the best in life. I truly feel like part of the Fostering UK family, everyone is so helpful and they really do care. I could not ask for a better fostering agency.  

My family joined the Fostering UK family too

It was difficult to understand at first, but your whole family is part of the fostering role; children, siblings, parents and of course, I must not forget my dog, he is most important to my new placements and he welcomes them with a sloppy lick on the hand. Recently, my daughter said, “Mum, I am so proud of you for being a foster carer, you have made a difference and I am so pleased to be part of that”. She is a star and she is so great with the children. Many of the carers working with Fostering UK acknowledge the difference they make and you can read some of their stories on the Fostering UK testimonials page

Working with an Oxfordshire fostering agency

Hopefully, my story will encourage you to consider fostering. It really does make you have a sense of happiness and pride in everything you do, and it has made such a difference to my life. To have an informal chat about becoming a foster carer, you can call the team at Fostering UK in confidence today. They can arrange for you to have a chat with a foster carer like me too, then you can ask any questions that you may have. Fostering UK is an Oxfordshire based independent fostering agency and they will gladly take the time to provide you with more information about fostering. Go on, give them a ring and feel happy like me. 

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