A Level Results

Today Michael announced “No way am I applying to go to University in two years!”

I sighed as I looked at one of the brightest young people I have ever known……. But I understood what had brought about this outburst. It came in response to him having watched the unravelling of his sister the previous day, when as a result of Covid 19 she received results for A level exams that she had not been able to take.  I could fully understand why he felt so strongly.

The impact of the Government’s decision re A level results on Rhiannon (names changed) has been major.

Michael’s older sister was targeted for 3 X A in their A levels. She got AAC – The C for English when all course work was an A and a B for the mock taken when we were going through really tough time.

We have ( probably ) worked through to a positive outcome, but sadly without any support from the Virtual School – as all staff are currently still on holiday. I found that surprising to say the least, until I reflected on the likelihood that there may be very few Looked After Young people who complete A level courses and exams. The sad fact is that she could have done with their support and empathy today and she was let down.

Michael, had seen the distress of his sister and heard us speak of the staff who were in disbelief that they had genuinely marked her as a high B (based on mock result) and this had been downgraded to a C. When we listened to Gavin Williamson speak on Good Morning Britain, Michael commented “He doesn’t seem to like teachers!”

Yesterday was a roller-coaster of emotion, but the final decision (at approx 3pm after around 5 hours of her distress) was that her University would hold her place and also a room in her first choice Halls of Residence. The staff were amazing – they really understood her situation and they certainly rescued her – she decided after speaking with them that perhaps she could face meeting up with friends to celebrate her success, as they were able to convince her that the grades she had been given would almost certainly be adjusted in her favour.    

Jayne Robbins – A Blogging Foster Carer.

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