I had been looking forward to my first formal black-tie event for a number of weeks. The event was the first ever Fostering UK awards ceremony held at the Holiday Inn Hotel Reading.

Preparations had begun in our family a couple of weeks before when my foster dad and I went to a local gent’s outfitters to choose our suits, the tailor measured me up and it was left to me to choose the style and colour.

On the day of the event we left home at 12 noon to be there in good time. When we arrived we checked in and made our way to our rooms to relax before getting ready.

We gathered at 6pm for pre-dinner drinks and photographs where we met lots of amazing foster carers from across the Fostering UK family. We had a live singer who has just become a foster carer herself she was amazing. We were served a delicious three course meal before the award ceremony began.

The evening was hosted by owner and the successful head of Fostering UK, Ian Johnson. The awards included a number of categories which recognised the wonderful work by both foster carers and staff In the Fostering UK family, each award was introduced with a brief summary of each recipient and their achievements. Some of the stories were inspiring and heartfelt and made me realise the work that goes into being a foster carer none of this would be possible without the support of the dedicated team of social workers, management and support staff who are all dedicated to care for all of its foster children.

The event concluded with a disco and dancing giving foster carers the opportunity to mix, chat and relax. The event was a great success and although my foster carers didn’t win an award, in my eyes all foster carers are winners. However, we need more foster carers as there are a lot of young people just like me who need guidance, love, support and made to feel safe and secure.

Hopefully we can all meet again next year or, Ian, another idea would be to have a Foster Children’s award ceremony!

Personally, I would like to thank Sophie who is heading up the children’s council for her wonderful inspiring speech. I know Sophie and I will work as hard as possible to make this a success. Thank you to everyone involved in making it such a great night.

A Foster Childs Poem.

While other children relax and play.

Some children are forced to runaway.

Rejection and fear is a normal day.

The pain the suffering does not go away.

Can anyone help?

The social worker is caring and kind.

But where do I belong? life is so unkind

We need help and love and somewhere to fit.

Could this be you, please do your bit.

– The nameless onion.

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