Foster Carer Profile

Gill is a 54-year-old Black British woman of Caribbean descent. Gill is a single foster carer who is currently a foster carer for an Independent Fostering Agency. Gill has had two children (sibling group of 2, brother and sister aged 13 and 8, dual heritage) placed with her since August 2017 and they have both recently moved on this month to another placement. Their middle sister was placed prior to this from March 2017 on her own and the other 2 children were placed with Gill in August 2017 because it was deemed that they can be placed together because things appeared settled between the siblings. However, the placement became very difficult (as their previous ones did) and the middle child was subsequently moved to another placement in March 2018. The other 2 children remained with Gill but their future in her care was limited, as they were moved to another placement earlier this month. Both children have been seen as part of the assessment process and they are happy and settled. They are both lively and cheeky and have many positive things to say about being placed with Gill. 

Family Set up

Gill also has an adult son – Gavin aged 22. He works in further education, undertaking an apprenticeship in a school office which lasted 2 years. Gavin is described as a very kind and loving person. He has a very good sense of humour and is fun to be around. Gavin is a popular young man who has a very good group of friends and social circle which consists of peers who are from many different backgrounds. Gavin presents as an intelligent and articulate young man who is mature and ambitious. Gavin comments on the fact that fostering has been part of his life for a long time and he is happy for his mother to continue helping vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in care. Gavin is not directly involved in any of the fostering tasks, but he is an excellent male role model and is a good support for Gill.

Gill is an experienced foster carer and has been fostering for the past 10 years. Gill has been fostering for independent fostering agencies for all of her career, apart from when Gill fostered for the Local Authority for 7 years. Gill has therefore fostered many children and young people – in particular sibling groups from an extremely diverse range of backgrounds, levels of need and vulnerabilities. In addition, Gill has fostered children with a range of complex and challenging behaviours and she has maintained these placements well because she is able to consider a child’s wider circumstances and establish how to respond to them. 

Gill presents as a very friendly, caring and empathic individual who is committed to any child or young person in her care and can find creative ways of engaging with them effectively. Gill is known to do many activities with children in her care, therefore, enabling them to integrate successfully within the wider community. In addition to being a foster carer, Gill has also acquired extensive knowledge and skills of engaging with Children and Families because she worked many years as a Teaching assistant and then subsequently in a residential childcare setting. Gill enjoys reading, cooking and music and is known for cooking nice meals for the children in her care. 

Gill lives in a 4 bedroomed mortgaged property on a residential road. 

The Household

The household is sufficiently furnished and the décor is good. There are no visible health and safety hazards. Gill has a small yard at the back of the house which is secure but not an appropriate place to play. Gill states that children that she cares for enjoy the nearby parks instead. Gill is a non smoker. Gill has three bedrooms available for fostering – two double and one single bedroom. They are currently occupied by the two children currently placed but when they move on, Gill has the scope to have a sibling group of 4 placed if required. Both rooms are furnished sufficiently and have appropriate storage available. In addition, they also have appropriate lighting and temperature. 


Gill has a very robust social/support network that consists of other experienced foster carers. This allows Gill to have valuable emotional and practical support available to her in addition to the support that she will have access to via the Agency. Gill is also very committed to working in partnership with other professionals and agencies and although there have been issues arising impacting on these relationships, Gill takes responsibility for her position within the professional network and endeavours to ensure that she works alongside others involved in the care of the child to implement the LA Care Plans in an effective way. 

Gill has wealth of knowledge and skills to bring to the role of fostering and can consider a child’s needs and wider circumstances. Gill has had many children placed with her who have achieved positive outcomes because Gill can create an environment for any child or young person placed that is nurturing, safe and accepting for the child. Gill is an excellent asset to the Agency because she is an experienced full-time carer who can be flexible and available to any child placed with her.

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