In Naples’ embrace, where history breathes, 

Amidst narrow alleys and vibrant streets.

A city of contrasts, where old meets new,

Mount Vesuvius watches with a silent gaze,

As ancient stories linger in Naples’ maze.

Historical marvels in every corner lie,

Whispers of empires beneath the Neapolitan sky.

Artistic expressions paint tales untold, In museums and churches, stories unfold.

Napoli Sotterranea, secrets underground,

A subterranean world, where echoes resound.

In Rome, the eternal city’s grandeur,

Where history’s tapestry weaves a splendour.

Architectural icons, standing tall, Coliseum’s echoes, an ancient call.

Cultural heritage in Vatican’s embrace, St. Peter’s Basilica, a sacred space.

Michelangelo’s brush, a Sistine tale,

In the chapel’s ceiling, art’s grand scale.

Quintessential cuisine, a Roman delight,

Cacio e pepe whispers through the night.

Supplì in hand, a crispy surprise, Flavours that linger, under Roman skies.

Charming piazzas, alive with flair,

Spanish Steps and Navona’s square.

Espresso rituals, people-watching art,

Rome’s heartbeat, where life impart.

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