Caring for two babies was never going to be easy but through good organisation and working to a routine was really working well. Baby T was doing well although she still looked far too small for me to change as she really was so tiny. Baby L was really thriving. He was a solid boy and was gaining weight quickly due to a proper diet. L was also becoming more active, when he arrived you could lay him on his back and he wouldn’t move. Now he was trying to turn over, lifting his head and trying to crawl a bit. There were still concerns regarding his eye sight and his ‘lazy’ eye. (I must find the medical term for this). We were waiting for him to get a medical appointment to get him checked over properly and we had been chasing continuously since he arrived. It seemed likely that there had been some form of delay in L’s development due to lack of parental input. He enjoyed sitting on your lap being read a story and he was transfixed by various programmes on the TV. However he still wasn’t doing things that a one year old should be doing and we needed some medical input on this. Health wise he was a robust little boy, he was physically able but needed a bit of assistance with certain tasks. The LA Social Worker had told us that when she asked Mum what baby L liked eating she had replied chips. So our first task had been to get him eating healthily and at particular times. Baby T was a real little doll. Everyone wanted a cuddle and to visit her. The house was never empty as both family and friends visited on a regular basis. The elderly lady across the road loved popping in for a cuppa and to cuddle both of the babies. However it was nice to have some peace and quiet and the occasional day time nap to catch up on some sleep. There is something very relaxing about a day time nap. We had a couple of Social Worker visits as well from both the LA Social Worker and our own Supervising Social Worker. Both Social Workers were Mums themselves so it was nice for them to change a nappy or do a feed. The LA Social Worker was one of the best we had during our Foster Care careers. She took no nonsense, was honest and turned up when she said she would do. We were the furthest of all her cases but she was always on time and, more importantly, was very supportive. She was old school but she was extremely professional and very good at communicating. So the next couple of weeks were spent in changing babies, buying nappies and getting little sleep. A meeting had been organised at the LA offices to discuss what would be happening in the coming weeks with regards to the two babies. Mum would be in attendance as well as me and our SSW. My wife would stay at home and leave the meeting to me. I arrived in good time and parked and proceeded to the offices. When I walked into reception there was a real fracas going on between a Security Guard and a rather large man. The Police then arrived and the man was dragged out. There was also a woman there screaming at pretty much everyone, I recognised this woman, it was the children’s Mum. She was also escorted off the premises by the Police. This didn’t bode well.

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